One Year Later


One Year Later….say HELLOOOOO to the Bionic Woman!

Exactly one year ago, I underwent a 9-hour preventative double mastectomy and reconstruction using my very own tummy tissue.  And exactly TWO years ago, I underwent a much shorter preventative surgery to remove all of my reproductive organs. Here I am today on 1/5/2023, after 5 surgeries in less than 3 years, overwhelmed with gratitude and in awe of my surgeons’ gifted hands and God’s healing powers.  Seriously- WOW!

Special shout-out to my plastic surgeon, Dr. Warren Ellsworth, and his team for their exquisite reconstruction and outstanding care. I will sing his praises for years to come! #bodybyellsworth

In my post, “Me & Angelina Jolie,” I shared my journey of losing my mom and undergoing these preventative surgeries in hopes of inspiring other women to do the same. After writing that piece, I underwent a 3rd surgery in October 2022 to complete the breast reconstruction. In December 2022, I was finally ready for the grand finale: the cherries on the cupcakes (aka 3D nipple tattoos by the amazing Sherah Juarez of Ink Boutique)! While surgeries dominated 2021 and 2022, I’m looking ahead at a new year of celebrating LIFE!

Thanks for all of your love & support. Happy 2023!