Sister, I see you… working so hard… doing so much for everyone else… always putting yourself last… You deserve some R&R- a chance to relax, unwind, and completely LET GO.

Here’s your chance to feel FABULOUS again… a retreat designed to not only help you relax, but restore you to a state of wellness.  Imagine yourself at a luxurious spa resort… enjoying massage, yoga, meditation, personal coaching, nutrition advice, and workshops to help you optimize your health… surrounded by kindred spirits and your own team of wellness professionals.

If you missed the June 2019 workshop with  Dr. Rajka Milanovic-Galbraith, M.D., at Sundara Inn & Spa, look out for the next women’s wellness retreat to be scheduled in the spring of 2020.  Or, you can email info@simplyhealthinstitute.com for more information.