"Christina will elevate your consciousness which will totally shift how you show up in your life. Working with Christina is truly life changing! She can help you rewire how you approach your dreams and you will literally watch them come true."
Lauren Bille
Co-Founder / CEO



You were born to LIGHT UP the world in your own uniquely beautiful way. Like facets of a diamond, you radiate a FULL spectrum of color when you embrace who you are and let yourself be seen as a woman and a leader.  YOU ARE MEANT to SHINE! 

If I didn’t call myself a coach, I’d call myself a Light Liberator.  Because that’s what I do…

Though our coaching sessions, I will guide you in reconnecting with your inner wisdom, ambitions, and strengths, and then taking baby steps and big leaps to consciously create the professional path you’ve always imagined.  I will help you identify and release limiting beliefs which are holding you back and making you feel small.  I will (tenderly) hold you accountable for taking action, while supporting you as you overcome obstacles and work through your fears. I will encourage you to dream big and trust your inner wisdom to guide you. I will cheer you on and celebrate your every success.

Now is the time to step into your light and embrace your fullest potential as a leader. 

I offer individual coaching for women, as well as group coaching/workshops and retreats.  I coach my individual clients via video or audio calls, typically holding 60-minute sessions twice a month with unlimited email support in between, for a minimum of 3 months. 

In our private 60-minute sessions, we dig deep into your ambitions, bust through limiting beliefs, and commit to the actions needed to realize your goals. My approach is holistic, coaching the whole person as opposed to one aspect of your life. Generally speaking, most coaching clients focus on setting goals and taking action in one or more of the following areas:

  • CAREER: Exploring career paths and opportunities aligned to personal values, ambitions, and season of life.
  • LEADERSHIP: Understanding one’s unique leadership style, how to lead at any level, and how to advance to the next level of leadership.
  • INTENTIONAL LIVING: Balancing professional and personal desires and needs with greater intention.
  • WOMEN’S HEALTH: Contemplating Reproductive Health choices (e.g., motherhood, fertility treatments, adoption, preventative surgeries/treatments, etc.).

A terrific way to get started is with my Assessment + 2 x 60-minute Coaching package to deepen your self-knowledge and set goals for your growth.  Additional coaching sessions can be purchased either by the hour or as an additional package.

As part of my accreditation through the International Coach Federation, I uphold their strict Code of Ethics, which means whatever my clients bring to our coaching sessions remains confidential.  This being said, many of my clients have happily shared their positive testimonials and some of their success stories are featured in my LEAP! interview series.

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