What comes up for you when you think about taking a leap in the direction of your dreams? 

Towards that dream job… new career… leadership role… community you’ve always want to start… book you’ve been meaning to write… mountain you’ve want to climb… baby you’ve been longing for….. dream home… healthy, balanced body + mind + soul…

How do you feel? Totally psyched? Completely freaked? Somewhere in between?

Working towards a goal, manifesting a dream, or just taking a leap in a new direction is exhilarating, but it also feels scary and even lonely!  We often have an idea of what we want to create in our lives, but no idea how to actually make it happen. As we steer ourselves in a new direction, we move out of our comfort zone by embracing new beliefs and practices, taking actions in unchartered territories, and connecting with different people. It’s so easy to get stuck.. to plateau.. or to even revert back to the comfort of what we know.  Like newly hatched chicks, we’re a little wobbly before we SOAR.

This is exactly why we need each other. Big dreamers like us benefit not only from the coaching experience, but from a supportive community of like-minded sisters who help us realize our greatest potential. 

My signature LEAP! program is designed to guide you through a year of awe-inspiring change and mind-blowing results. Bring your goal, dream, ideas, and a positive, can-do attitude and let me be your guide!  

LEAP! is currently on hold, but check back again for a future cycle.

Through my year-long group coaching program, LEAP!, you will benefit from:

  • Monthly 1.5 hour group coaching sessions, which are part teaching/mentoring and part group sharing and coaching (online, see the tabs below for a breakdown of topics by month)
  • Quarterly 1 hour individual coaching sessions (via phone or VOIP)
  • Unlimited email/chat contact and support
  • Private Facebook community for participants to brainstorm, encourage, and support each other
  • Recommended reading and listening list to complement many of the topics (e.g., articles, books, LEAP! interviews, podcasts)

Ready for RESULTS?  GREAT! The LEAP! program is designed to help you make your dreams come true with a budget-friendly combination of coaching, mentoring, and community support.

Your monthly investment is only $125, or $1500 for the entire year. You’ll need to make a year-long commitment when you register for LEAP!, but we can arrange payments on a monthly, quarterly, or lump sum basis.

Email me for more information. 

Here’s what to expect each month:

The View

We kick-off our year of change by first clearing away what’s not serving us, envisioning what we would like to create or achieve, clarifying our purpose and intentions, and setting a clear goal(s).

The Course

In February, we dive into the nitty gritty details- we firm up our plans by defining actions and resource needs.  We set the course of the rest of the year, identifying a few “quick wins” we can immediately take.

The Net

With our goal, plan, and resources clearly defined, we look at our “stakeholders”- who do we need to involve in support of our goal? We talk about building relationships and a support network, as well as establishing clear accountabilities.

The Courage

We have a clearer view of what we want to create, an action plan to guide our course, and a support network. All that’s left is challenging our own limiting beliefs, confronting our fears, and creating daily habits to reinforce the positive mindset needed to manifest our dreams.

The Breakthroughs

In May, we focus on the breakthroughs we’ve experienced since committing to LEAP! We talk about the mental shifts we’re experiencing, the emotions we’re stirring up, the new energy coming into our lives. We also talk about where we are getting stuck and share ways to get un-stuck.


We’re nearly half way through the year, so it’s the perfect time to reflect on our lessons: what’s working well and what’s no longer serving us.  This month, we talk about measuring progress, celebrating mid-leap, and adjusting our course for the second half of the year.


Yay! It’s summer and, while you may be working hard on your plans, we take a break from our sessions to reflect, relax and rest.

The Momentum

In August, we tap into that “back to school” energy as we talk about momentum- how to create it and keep it going. We reconnect with our original visions and plans, share reflections and breakthroughs, and commit to specific actions for rest of year.

The Practice

Keeping up with the “back to school” theme, we take stock of where we are at in our journeys and review the three P’s of persistence, perseverance, and patience.  We  brainstorm ways to practice the three P’s as we continue to work towards our goals.

The Unknowns

What a perfect month to face our fear of the unknown! Even with a formidable vision and plan, we still face a host of unknowns along the way.  This month, we discuss how conquer our fears of the unknown, how to embrace challenges and opportunities, and the importance of resiliency.

The Journey

November is commonly known as the month of giving thanks, so, this month, we focus on enjoying the moment, staying in the present while holding the vision, and expressing our gratitude no matter where we are in our journey.

The Celebration

WOW… you did it! A YEAR of prioritizing yourself and your dreams!  It’s time to celebrate by reflecting on the past year, showcasing what we’ve accomplished, letting go of what’s no longer serving us, and looking ahead at what’s to come.