Balancing Act


Balancing Act
Balancing Act
Grit/ Grace /Gratitude
2021: a year of Survival. I had declared “Serenity” as my theme for 2021, but I can’t really recall any serene moments. Mostly, I’ve focused on surviving the day- one hour at a time.
This pic from our summer on Mehl Lake perfectly sums up my year – here I am, mother of 3, trying to balance the twins on a float while my big kid is behind us, enjoying his own adventures. Even without the body of water, every day with twin toddlers feels like I’m precariously balancing on a flimsy pool float… there’s no serenity in that, only survival.
Despite the many photos depicting our family’s happiest moments, I’m struggling with this season of life and the loneliness and isolation associated with being a stay-at-home twin mom in a global pandemic. Throughout 2021, I’ve leaned hard on the three G’s.. GRIT, GRACE, and GRATITUDE.
Grit is what helps me do hard things.. it’s what buoys me through many challenging days when bedtime seems light-years away…it’s what helped me recover from surgery in early 2021 and anticipate the next one… Grit is what I’ve called upon to face the pain of exclusion and unkindness of someone I considered a friend.
And Grace.. oh boy do I rely on a whole lotta Grace. I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink several cups of Grace every day. Thankfully, God’s Grace is free, abundant, and available to all of us. And because of my reliance on a steady stream of Grace, I also try to give a lot of Grace to the people around me.. even the ones who’ve treated me unkindly.. especially them.  I imagine myself walking in a parade with a broad smile and passing out Grace like candy.. If there’s anything I hope my sons learn from me is to hand out extra helpings of Grace.
Gratitude is how I end each day and how I end this year. With a grateful heart, especially to my husband, who goes above and beyond for our family.. he does it ALL! And with deep gratitude for the tiny humans who call me “mama,” my extended family, and my many soul sisters scattered around the world. Thankful for this “brut-iful” life- as challenging as it is, I’m grateful to be living it with you.
Happy 2022, my beloveds! May Grit, Grace, and Gratitude carry us through another year!