The Gift of Being Seen

I know we’re all busy with baking, wrapping, and preparing for The BIG DAY, but I need to take FIVE to tell y’all about the best gift I’ve both received and given in the lead up to Christmas. A gift I hope we can all give one another no matter what time of year…

Let’s start with the gift I unexpectedly received on Monday.. not because I want to toot my own horn, but because it was a humbling experience which gave way to this “gift of being seen.” On Monday, I received an email from someone I barely know- she’s an acquaintance through our neighborhood mom’s club. She emailed to compliment me on how I genuinely engaged with different people at a recent mom’s club event, saying that I inspired her to mingle with people outside of her usual circle. She said I exhibited Christmas Cheer and, frankly, as a lover of all things Christmas, that’s the BEST compliment I’ve ever received. When I read her email, I was so touched – she saw me and my big ol’ messy heart and she wasn’t afraid to reach out to say, “hey I see you, I appreciate you.” It only took her a minute and didn’t cost a dime, but wow what an amazing gift to receive! * ❤️

Fast forward to today, my neighbor and I waited at the bus stop with gifts for Miss Connie, our kids’ bus driver. When the kids got off the bus, we placed the gift bags in their hands and instructed them to climb back on the bus to wish Miss Connie a Merry Christmas and give her the gifts. As Miss Connie accepted the gifts, she started to tear up— in a completely safe bus driving way, just to assure any worried parents! She was SO touched and tickled by the gifts. Watching her reaction, I got a tear in my eye too.. because I could relate to how she felt when we gave her the gifts. She felt seen.. she felt appreciated. What mattered to her wasn’t in the gift bags- it was the gift of “I SEE you.. I CHERISH you.”

So, I’m gonna slow down to give those in my path the gift of being seen.. of being appreciated.. of being loved right here, right now. Because, really, is there any greater gift we could possibly give someone?

*just adding that this email came at a time when I was feeling insecure about others’ perceptions of me and like an outsider. Yes, even people like me who are social/extroverts and seem confident feel this way and want to feel seen/appreciated for who they are.

Image Source: Pinterest