Dreams Do Come True!

For many years, I dreamed of leaving corporate life behind to become an entrepreneur. I longed for more meaningful work that aligned with my passions and satisfied my soul. I imagined what life would be like outside of the corporate walls—how I’d define not only the “basics,” like work location and hours of operation, but, more significantly, how I’d choose the people with whom I collaborate and the way in which we work together.  I spent nearly 14 years dreaming about the future and wondering if I’d ever find the courage to walk away from my steady paycheck.. and then one day, I did it.  And I’ve never looked back…

Since leaving behind corporate life in early 2011, I’ve been on a path of self-discovery and self-actualization.   The first few months after I left IBM, I continued operating like I was still in the corporate environment- I threw myself into my role as founder and leader of the Qatar Professional Women’s Network and began taking steps to design my new business model, research coaching programmes, deliver workshops, etc.   What stopped me in my tracks was learning that I was pregnant, and, subsequently, miscarrying our little angel whom I named Gabriel.

I can’t begin to describe the heartache that followed the miscarriage—only those of you who’ve gone through a similar experience will understand the heaviness of my grief and the feelings of hopelessness.  All I wanted was to feel that life growing inside of me again.  If anything, losing Gabriel prompted me to reflect on what I really wanted in life, and, eventually, focus on the steps needed to create what I wanted.  My dreams became even clearer, and my desire to realize them even stronger.

Fast forward a year later, and my biggest dreams are coming true. I’ve re-trained as a professional coach, and started coaching amazing women in different parts of the world in pursuit of their own dreams.   I can finally say that I truly LOVE what I do and know that I’m making a difference in the world around me by coaching these women and investing in their development.   Concurrent to my coach training and business start-up, I’ve been “baking” another little miracle—and this one’s a keeper.   So, this summer,  I’m giving birth to two babies: my new business, she dreams big, and my “rainbow” baby (yet to be named).

she dreams big is truly a manifestation of my own dreams—a business which aligns with my values and  my passion for empowering women, plays to my strengths and experience, and makes a difference in this world.  Through she dreams big, I hope to inspire other women to pursue their dreams, whether they dream of owning their own business, starting a non-profit, achieving a leadership position within an organization, becoming a mom, or whatever their dreams may be.  she dreams big is aptly named after my clients and me:  big dreamin’, trail-blazin’, game changin’ women who are bold enough to be the change they want to see in this world!

So, here’s to you, my fellow big dreamers- may your every dream come true!

Love & blessings, Christina

(Note, I’m on maternity leave from July-December 2012, so look out for new blog posts and my return to coaching and consulting in 2013. In the meantime, you can reach me at christina@shedreamsbig.com)